extract environment variables from gae config

Google App Engine (GAE) applications are deployed with an
file which contains all of the application configuration required.

If, however, you wanted to run an application locally before deploying to GAE, you may need to extract the environment variables defined in the
file into a local

To accomplish this, I wrote a small

package yamlenv import ( "io/ioutil" "os" "gopkg.in/yaml.v2" ) // AppConfig contains the GAE-formatted config data type AppConfig struct { Environment map[string]string `yaml:"env_variables"` } // Export exports the environment data from file f to AppConfig func Export(f string) (*AppConfig, error) { ac := &AppConfig{} var e error yd, rerr := ioutil.ReadFile(f) if rerr != nil { return ac, rerr } err := yaml.Unmarshal(yd, ac) if err != nil { return ac, err } return ac, e } // ExportToFile exports the environment data from file f to destination d // Defaults to append to file if exists, over bool will overwrite if true func ExportToFile(f string, d string, over bool) error { var e error ac, err := Export(f) if err != nil { return err } var fd string if _, err := os.Stat(d); err == nil && over == false { bd, rerr := ioutil.ReadFile(d) if rerr != nil { return rerr } fd = string(bd) + "\n" } for k, v := range ac.Environment { fd += k + "=" + v + "\n" } werr := ioutil.WriteFile(d, []byte(fd), 0644) if werr != nil { return werr } return e }

To use, simply call
yamlenv.ExportToFile("/path/to/app.yaml", "/path/to/.env", true)
. Set the third param (bool) to false to append rather than overwrite.

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